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There are 24446 Undergraduate students / Alumni

Our alumni constitute evidence of the success of Universidad Católica's educational project. Over 90,000 students have graduated from UC and now, from their leading positions in scientific, humanistic, artistic, public and social fields, they are living proof of its success. UC’s educational project is capable of transcending borders and time, and of training professionals that can contribute to and positively influence Chilean society and the production of knowledge.  
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News from Alumni

Aula de arte: Nuestros pueblos originarios

Aula de arte: Nuestros pueblos originarios

Exhibición permanente de la colección que el profesor Gastón Soublette donó a la UC en octubre de 2015. Puedes visitarla de lunes a viernes en el Campus Oriente.     

Inmaculada: Tota Pulchra y reina en el arte virreinal surandino

Inmaculada: Tota Pulchra y reina en el arte virreinal surandino

Nueva exhibición de la Sala Joaquín Gandarillas Infante del Centro de Extensión. Visítala hasta el 26 de enero de 2018.     

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If you are a UC alumnus, you can keep your UC e-mail even after you graduate. If you no longer have access, call 35455555

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Professionals with the UC Seal


Valentina Inzulza 

Director at Fundación Trascender and Law Faculty alumni

Noteworthy Alumni 

decano de derecho

Roberto Guerrero, UC Law and Dean of the Faculty of Law UC 


Memories that take us back


In March 1988 the Alumni and Friends of the University Association was founded.

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Group of Alumni of the UC Faculty of Chemistry.
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Group of alumni from the UC Faculty of Engineering.
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Association of graduates from the UC Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences.
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