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The greatest assets of Universidad Católica are its talented and restless students who are socially oriented and genuinely interested in learning and in leadership. These students, together with an excellent group of academics who develop and transfer their knowledge to them, have made the UC educational project a complete success. This project is inspired by Catholic values and works to serve both the Church and society.
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Study at UC

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Certificate Programs
  • Continuing Education

Programas de Pregrado

Los planes de estudios de pregrado consideran la entrega de dos grados académicos: Bachiller y Licenciado.

Las carreras profesionales, además de los grados académicos, entregan un título profesional.


Programas de estudios
Requisitos de admisión
Intercambios académicos
Simula tus beneficios y becas
Carreras UC

 Conoce la experiencia UC

Daniel Gedda, presidente FEUC 

Graduate Programs

The University offers a wide array of master’s and PhD programs, for graduate students or professionals who would like to complement their studies or devote their time to research and teaching.

Study Programs
Admission Requirements
Academic Exchange
Information on loans and scholarships

UC Experience


Luz Valeria Oppliger, PhD in Biological Sciences

Certificate Programs

Universidad Católica offers a variety of certificate programs for professionals who would like to specialize in a particular area of their field of expertise.

Study Programs
Admission Requirements
Academic Exchange
Information on loans and scholarships

Continuing Education Programs

UC offers certificate courses and seminars aimed at professionals interested in keeping their knowledge and skills current.

Faculty Certificate Courses and Seminars
Development and Training Courses
Services for Seniors
Distance learning: TELEDUC

UC Experience


Bárbara Kunz, Certificate in Corporate Communications

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¡Simula tus puntajes de ingreso a las carrera de la Universidad Católica!

El software de Simulación de Puntajes de Postulación se basa en los puntajes de corte de la Admisión del año anterior. Podrás simular tu puntaje de Notas de Enseñanza Media, Ranking y de las pruebas de Lenguaje y Comunicación, Matemáticas, Historia y Ciencias Sociales y Ciencias haciendo click en el botón.







Calendario Académico para el postulante

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Our students talk about the University. Hear about their experiences at UC.

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