We aim to achieve mutual respect, good communication and participation between the academic and administrative staff that make up our UC community. This may be accomplished through professional and administrative management processes that aim for efficiency and effectiveness, that include plans for strengthening talents, as well as convenient staff benefits.
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29/03/2012 - Entregan resultados de clima laboral
29/03/2012 - Llamado a concurso: Asistente de Biblioteca y Soporte Computacional Biomédica
29/03/2012 - Entregan resultados de clima laboral
28/03/2012 - La Semana Santa se vive en la UC
28/03/2012 - Charla Diplomados 2012 Instituto Estudios Urbanos UC
28/03/2012 - Convocatoria Exposición Manga Chileno 2012
27/03/2012 - Llamado a concurso: Supervisor de Mantención
27/03/2012 - Llamado a concurso: Secretaria de Pregrado, reemplazo pre y post natal
26/03/2012 - UC inauguró moderno casino en San Joaquín
26/03/2012 - Vamos juntos a la Maratón de Santiago
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The Benefits of Working at UC



  • An institution with 130 years of history.

  • A well thought-out training model that motivates our workers to succeed in their careers.

  • A modern system of performance evaluation.

  • Excellent benefits for our staff.

benef_funcionario1Dental Clinic
Offers dental care for employees and their immediate family.

Salas Cuna y Jardines Infantiles

Nursery and Pre-school
Service for the University's working mothers.





“As a part of the staff you can get to know different areas and learn through training courses that make our work and life better".

Sonia Lemus
Administrative Staff

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