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Mario Carreño Morales (1913-1999) Print

Mario Carreño Morales (1913-1999)


He was born in La Habana and, after living in many countries, he settled in Chile, where he obtained his citinzenship in 1969. He was one of the founders of the Escuela de Arte (School of Arts) at Pontificia Universidad Católica. His work was always linked to his original Caribbean spirit, but during the 1950's he developed his style into geometric abstraction, following the lead of Mondrian neo-plasticism. Later, he offered his own surrealistic vision of the world. After many individual and collective exhibitions, he received, in 1982, the Premio Nacional (National Award).surrealista del mundo. Tras numerosas exposiciones individuales y colectivas, recibió el Premio Nacional en 1982.

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