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Juan Pablo Cárdenas Squella (1941 - ) Print

Juan Pablo Cárdenas Squella (1949 - )


He completed a degree in Journalism at Universidad Católica and was editor and director of "Debate Universitario", a journal of this university. He created and directed the magazines "Análisis" and "Los Tiempos." He was also columnist for "El País" in Spain; for "Helsinky Sannomat" in Finland; and for "La época" and "La Nación". His long career as a journalist and his advocacy towards freedom of expression has earned him recognition at a local and international level. In 2005, apart from obtaining the Latin American Journalism Award he was awarded the National Award in Journalism. He is an Associate Professor at the Instituto de la Comunicación e Imagen (Communication and Image Institute), Universidad de Chile and director of the Radio Universidad de Chile.

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