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Raquel Correa Prats (1934-2012) Print

Raquel Correa Prats (1934-2012)


She first studied Psychology and later graduated as journalist from the Universidad de Chile.
A renowned political journalist, Raquel started working in radio Minería at the end of the 1950's. Aftewards, she worked in Prensa Latina and in Vea magazine, becoming eventually director of the latter. By the beginning of the 1970's, she was involved in the TV show "A esta hora se improvisa" (At this hour we improvise) at Canal 13 and, many years later, she had her own show: La entrevista de Raquel Correa (The Interview with Raquel Correa).
As a newswriter, she worked in Cosas magazine, in La Tercera newspaper and for a long time at El Mercurio newspaper, where her Sunday interviews became a model for many journalists.
Recognized as one of the greatest interviewers in Chile, she has received the awards: Lenka Franulic, the Award of Consejo Mundial de Educación (World Education Council Award), the Embotelladora Andina Award, the Silvia Pinto Award, the Carmen Puelma Award, and in 1991, the Premio Nacional de Periodismo (National Award for Journalism).
Until recently, she worked as a professor of Interview in Medios, a course at the School of Journalism, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She died in 2012.

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