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Professor from the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

Her Passion: Bees


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About this Talk


About Gloria Montenegro

Associated professor at the Faculty of Agriculture, she studies biology and natural sciences. She took specialization courses in Vegetal Celular Ultrastructure at the Department of  Biology of the University of Houston; in Phyto-chemical Training at the Botanics Department of the University of Texas; and a further education course in Vascular Plant Anatomy, Ontogeny and Evolution of Vascular Meristematic Systems, at the same university. She is the President of the UC Copec Foundation Advisory Board. Last year she received the 2011 Energía de Mujer Chilectra Award and the 2011 Mujer Innovadora Award in Agriculture, awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture  through the Agrarian Innovation Fund (FIA). In the UC Passion Talks, she speaks about her motivations: the conservation of natural resources, particularly vegetal species.  She also talks about her renowned work with bees.
  • Tenured Professor from the Department of Plant Sciences.
  • She specializes in Botany.
  • She received the "Chilectra" prize in 2011.
  • Committee Member of the Center for the Development of Teaching Excellence at UC, appointed by the Academic Vice-rectory.
  • Member of the L'OREAL - UNESCO International Jury which grants the "Women in Science Award".
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