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Our Tenured Professors

The academic rank of Tenured Professor is the highest recognition given to our professors for their academic and professional achievements. A UC Tenured Professor is a faculty member that is committed to serving the University’s mission and principles. They contribute to education through their work and lectures, and they have received wide public recognition for the noteworthy and original contributions that result from their research and/or any other form of intellectual creation.



2018's Tenured professors 



Alejandro Crispiani

      Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies


Profesora titular Magdalena Amenábar

Magdalena Amenábar

     Faculty of Arts

Profesora Titular Mónica Bengoa

Mónica Bengoa

     Faculty of Arts

Profesor Titular Mario Navarro

Mario Navarro

     Faculty of Arts

Profesora Titular Chamarrita Farkas y el rector Ignacio Sánchez

Chamarrita Farkas

    Faculty of Social Sciences

Profesora Titular María Rosa Lissi

María Rosa Lissi

       Faculty of Social Sciences

Profesor Titular David Preiss

David Preiss

     Faculty of Social Sciences

Profesora Titular Lorena Amaro

Lorena Amaro

     Faculty of Philosophy

Profesor Titular Pablo Corro

Pablo Corro

     Faculty of Philosophy

Profesor Titular Gaspar Galaz

Gaspar Galaz

   Faculty of Physics

Profesor Titular Fernando Purcell

Fernando Purcell

       Faculty of History, Geography and Political Sciences

Profesor Titular Johannes Rehner

Johannes Rehner

  Faculty of History, Geography and Political Sciences

Profesor Titular Enzo Sauma

Enzo Sauma

      Faculty of Engineering

Profesor Titular Jan Kiwi

Jan Kiwi

      Faculty of Mathematics

Profesor Titular Mauricio Besio

Mauricio Besio

      Faculty of Medicine

Profesora Titular Gisella Borzone

Gisella Borzone

      Faculty of Medicine

Profesor Titular Alejandro Bruhn

Alejandro Bruhn

      Faculty of Medicine

Profesor Titular Jorge Carvajal

Jorge Carvajal

      Faculty of Medicine

Profesor Titular Marcelo López

Marcelo López

      Faculty of Medicine


Alejandro Soza

      Faculty of Medicine

Profesor Titular Arnoldo Riquelme

Arnoldo Riquelme

      Faculty of Medicine

Profesor Titular Julio Urrutia

Julio Urrutia

      Faculty of Medicine

Mauricio Isaacs, profesor Titular

Mauricio Isaacs

      Faculty of Chemistry


Camilo López

      Faculty of Chemistry


Claudio Terraza

      Faculty of Chemistry

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