Our alumni constitute evidence of the success of Universidad Católica's educational project. Over 90,000 students have graduated from UC and now, from their leading positions in scientific, humanistic, artistic, public and social fields, they are living proof of its success. UC’s educational project is capable of transcending borders and time, and of training professionals that can contribute to and positively influence Chilean society and the production of knowledge.  
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Alumni news (in spanish)

Vuelve a elegirnos: matrimonios en la UC

Vuelve a elegirnos: matrimonios en la UC

Te invitamos a vivir uno de los momentos más importantes de tu vida en tu Universidad, la UC.  Celebra tu matrimonio o el de tus hijos en el Campus Oriente aprovechando el descuento que te corresponde como exalumno y/o padrino de un 20%, y si ambos son egresados de nuestra casa de estudios, obtendrán un 30% de descuento. Contacto: Alejandra Carrazana Mail:

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Professionals with the UC Seal

Noteworthy Alumni 


María Elena Santibáñez, UC lawyer and academic of the Faculty of Law.

She was distinguished with the Abdón Cifuentes Award 2018, for her contribution to the country. From the Legal Clinic of the faculty has contributed to the defense of the rights of children and adolescents and victims of sexual crimes.

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Noteworthy Alumni 

Académico y exalumno de la Facultad de Ingeniería UC Daniel Hurtado

Daniel Hurtado, Civil Engineer UC, professor of Engineering and researcher of the Institute of Biological and Medical 

He created a digital platform based on high precision mathematical and biomechanical lung modeling to study the development of respiratory diseases in passive smokers.



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In March of 1988 the Association of Past Pupils and Friends of the University was created, an organization that was reformulated in September 2013 with the name of Alumni UC.


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UC Chemist Association
Group of Alumni of the UC Faculty of Chemistry.

UC Engineers Foundation
Group of alumni from the UC Faculty of Engineering.

Psychology Alumni 

Group of alumni from School of Phychology.

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