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Universidad Católica has four campuses located in different areas of Santiago and one in Villarrica:

  • Casa Central: Av. Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 340, Santiago
  • Campus Lo Contador: El Comendador 1916, Providencia
  • Campus Oriente: Av. Jaime Guzmán Errázuriz 3300, Providencia
  • Campus San Joaquín: Av. Vicuña Mackenna 4860, Macul
  • Campus Villarrica: Bernardo O'Higgins 501, Villarrica


Casa Central
Av. Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 340, Santiago
Campus Lo Contador
El Comendador 1916, Providencia


The first and main building of the University was originally designed by Ignacio Cremonesi, however, it was completed by his student, Emilia Jequier in 1912. Because of its grandeur, it was nicknamed the "University Palace", and since then, the Senior Management and many Faculties have used it.

  • A plot of 36.328 m2 and 67.506 m2 of building.
  • It has 16 buildings, 4 faculties and 2 libraries.


An old manor from the 18th century built around the same time as other important landmarks in Santiago, such as the Calicanto Bridge. Its main building is a National Landamark and it is part of the architectural heritage of Santiago. Since 1958, it has been the home to the University's Faculty of Architecture.

  • A plot of 22.051 m2 and 16.844 m2 of building.
  • It has 15 buildings, 1 faculty and 1 library.
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Campus Oriente
Av. Jaime Guzmán Errázuriz 3300, Providencia
Campus San Joaquín
Av. Vicuña Mackenna 4860, Macul


Built in 1934 and bought by the University from the Congregation of French Nuns in the 70's (1971), it is the home of Humanities and Arts programs.

  • A plot of 59.118 m2 and 27.032 m2 of building.
  • It has 11 buildings, 1 faculty and 1 library.



In 1891, the San Joaquín Campus became part of the University's estate. This campus was the legacy of Honoria Gandarillas from the Chacra Macul (the first farm in Macul and San Joaquín) of around 202 acres. In the 60's it was developed into a college town and it has followed the same path since.

  • A plot of 506.176 m2 and 166.422m2 of building.
  • It has 71 buildings, 10 faculties, the College Program y 4 libraries. 
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Campus Villarrica
O'Higgins 501, Villarrica


It is a building of modern construction (2001) where almost all the activity related to the academic programs, direction and administration is developed.

  • A plot of 2.362 m2 and 2.252 m2 of building. 
  • It has 1 building, 1 faculty, 1 library, 1 museum and 10 student residences.
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