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Topic: Office of the Vice President for Research

Galaxy - Credit: NASA and the Hubble Heritage Team STSci/AURA

Golden Webinars in Astrophysics series continues presenting ground-breaking ideas!

The 'Golden Webinars in Astrophysics' series brings you forefront research from scientists, who have significantly contributed to astronomy, astrophysics, and…

World Economic Forum’s logo

World Economic Forum Highlights 2 UC Researchers

Francisca Garay seeks to understand the behavior of tiny particles. Diego García-Huidobro aims to reduce childhood obesity and addictions with family-centered…


Millennium Institute of Astrophysics (MAS): Astronomy in the Big Data Era

The Millennium Institute of Astrophysics (MAS) was selected in the project contest for institutes and millennium nuclei 2012, and is jointly developed by the…

Fog-catchers in the Atacama Desert.

Atacama Desert Research Station: A Desert Full of Discoveries

In the world’s driest desert, Universidad Católica has established the country’s first research center focused on the components of this unique ecosystem: the…