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UC aims to be an important player in Chile’s development, educating people that can make a difference and generating knowledge to promote progress and to solve problems that Chileans face. With this objective in mind, several mechanisms and means have been established to create collaboration between the University and the country.

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Crisálista y el dragón recicladorCrisálida y el dragón reciclador
UC Extension Center

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condicional arteculturaCondicional
Teatro UC

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autorretratos60Serie Autorretratos Sur
UC Extension Center

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Flores sagradas en la pintura virreinal

Flores Sagradas

Between september 13 and january 26, in la Joaquín Gandarillas Infante Gallery, in UC Extension Center. 

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Libro: Field science in Chile

Book: Field science in Chile

The publication shows six centers and stations linked to the UC throughout Chile. Even national and international scholars and students come to investigate topics as varied as fog water and solar energy, marine biodiversity, sustainable development, the relationship between human beings and their environment, and the properties of algae and lichens for treatment. of neurodegenerative diseases.

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deconServicios para construcción  

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ext_svs1Certificación de calidad

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ext_svs3Unidad de estudios
DESUC (Instituto de Sociología)

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Programa UC Mediana y Pequeña Empresa


A través de este programa, la UC busca transformarse en un actor importante en el desarrollo del país.

El programa tiene abiertas sus postulaciones para que los empresarios Pymes puedan postular.

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