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General Facts and Figures 2018 Print
25.378 undergraduate students. 
3.159 master's degree students. 
1.118 PhD students. 
778  certificate programs students.
18  faculties. 
56  careers.
104  undergraduate programs.
97 master's degree programs. 
79 certificate programs.
64 medical specialities.
dental specialities. 
35 PhD programs. 
3.566 academics. 
1.841 full-time academics. 
52% of the first 100 scores of the PSU was the first option to enter UC.
More of 700 students entered the UC through the inclusion programs: PACE program, Talent and Inclusion program and Academic Excellence Scholarship (BEA).
69 students entered the careers of Pedagogy in Early Childhood Education and Basic General Pedagogy in Villarrica campus.
614  current projects of the Fondecyt Program.
98  projects awarded in Regular Fondecyt Program. 
47  projects awarded in the Fondecyt initiation Program. 
50  projects awarded in Fondecyt contest of Postdoctorates.
projects awarded in Fondequip.
1.948 articles in journals indexed in Web of Science (ISI).
2.275  Scopus publications. 
63  I+D projects awarded.
96  patents granted.
10  programs with international accreditation.
668  agreements of academic cooperation with educational institutions in 55 countries around the world.
361  pre and postgraduate exchange agreements with educational institutions in 47 countries around the world.
46  double degree and double degree agreements with educational institutions in 12 countries around the world.
More of 1.400 regular foreign students came to UC to experience the student exchange.
800 UC students lived study experiences abroad.
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