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Gabriel Castillo Inzulza (1927-) Print

Gabriel Castillo Inzulza (1927-)


He graduated as Profesor de Castellano (Teacher of Spanish) from Universidad de Chile in 1952 and, ten years later, he received his degree as Consejero Educacional y Vocacional (Educational and Vocational Counselor from Universidad Católica. He also obtained a Master's degree in Education from the same university. He was professor of Orientación (Counselling) at the School of Education,Universidad Católica; president of the Comisión de Educación (Comittee of Education) of the Consejo Nacional de Educación (National Council of Education); and member of the Comisión Central de Planeamiento de la Educación (Central Comittee of Education Planning). In 1994 he entered the Ministry of Education as education consultant. Nowadays he leads the project Escuelas de Anticipación a través de Guías de Aprendizaje (Anticipation School through Learning Guides). In 1997 he was awarded the Premio Nacional de Ciencias de la Educación (National Award for Education Sciences) for his contributions to the field of educational orientation, of which he is considered a pioneer.

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