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The training our students receive prepares them for the challenges they will face in society when they graduate. At UC, students can acquire specific disciplinary knowledge, enhance their ethical rigor, critical judgment and problem-solving skills, immerse themselves in a research culture, improve their teamwork skills, and acquire those skills associated with entrepreneurship and needed for effective communication.

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Study Programs


College Program


UC College Program is a 4-year university program that leads to a Bachelor´s degree. There are three areas of knowledge in the program:  Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences and Maths, and Social Sciences.

This academic program that leads to a Bachelor´s degree, includes a group of required minimum courses that are common to all areas of knowledge and that give the Program its own characteristic.

In order to complete the Program, all College students must select at least one Major, which will allow them to deepen their knowledge in a discipline or in a specific topic according to their inclinations and vocation. More Information about Majors.

Additionally, students can choose to compliment and/or extend their professional profile by completing a Minor according to the emphasis that best suits their interests. More Information about Minors.

Progression of studies leading to professional qualifications and/or UC Master's degrees.

Once students have approved 400 credits and have obtained their Bachelor's degree, they may continue to obtain a UC professional qualification and/or Master's degree, according to the requirements set by each faculty.

Transfer after completing 200 credits

Once the student reaches 200 credits, he or she may choose to go to another program within the University. In order to do so, all majors have assigned a quota strictly based on a previously established academic average in certain courses.



Steps to proceed to post-graduate studies

Once they obtain their Bachelor´s degree, College graduates may apply, based on their academic performance, to Master´s and PhD programs at the UC, as well as, to other post-graduate programs in Chile and around the world. 
View of the UC College building

View of the UC College building


Did you Know?

At UC College there are:


What Our Students Say

vicentehubner1   javierrodriguez   karina   sebastian_zapata
Vicente Hüber, UC College Program Student

"For me what stands out are the number of opportunities we have to participate in extra-curricular activities, to have a quality education and also to develop our soft skills."

  Javier Rodríguez, Journalism Student

"I study at UC because of its international prestige, the quality of professors and because it has the best school of journalism in Chile. It fits my way of looking at things, emphasizing public service and Christianity, two very important things for me."

  Karina Stormezan, Social Work Student and UC English Award Recipient

"English courses at UC allowed me to put into practice my theoretical and grammatical knowledge. Because classes are given in the university, they are the perfect instance to practice the language."

  Cristián Zapata, UC Biological Sciences Student and English Award Recipient

"I would emphasize taking English courses at the UC because it's a great opportunity to acquire the skills one needs after university, both for finding better job opportunities and applying for graduate studies abroad."

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