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About UC

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile aspires to achieve excellence in the creation and transfer of knowledge and in providing a Catholic-based education to train individuals to serve the Church and society.

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We have a permanent commitment to quality in our service, in fulfillment of our founding mission. We hold strict and rigorous academic standards and adopt international best practices from top universities around the world.

Nº 1

in Latin America, 2020 QS Ranking

Nº 121

in the world, 2020 QS Ranking


years of accreditation in the 5 areas evaluated by the Chilean National Accreditation Commission (CNA)

Nº 1

in Chilean invention patent applications

Our Campuses

The University has four campuses in Santiago and one in Villarrica, in the South of Chile. Each one has its own identity and is linked to a different moment in the university’s history.

Our Faculties, Schools & Institutes

The University is made up of 18 faculties, which include schools and institutes; an interdisciplinary institute, the UC College program and the Villarrica Campus. Together they cover all areas of knowledge.

Our Identity

The UC was born with the mission of offering the country and its young people a distinctive form of education, based on the values of the Catholic Church. We are an institution of public service and vocation, and with our work we generate assets that are oriented towards making Chile a better country.

Our History

From the time of our founders, who envisioned our Catholic University, until today, we have forged a history of service and commitment to our country that fulfills our mission of educating well-rounded people, spreading knowledge and contributing to society’s development.

2015-2020 Development Plan

The Development Plan is structured around two comprehensive axes, six specific axes and one institutional management axis. The first two are aimed at strengthening what distinguishes us: our Catholic identity and our sense of community. The following six axes constitute the strategic focus:

Building Frontier Knowledge
Innovation in Teaching
Inclusion to Expand Opportunities
Interdisciplinary Studies as an Answer to Great Challenges
International Expansion to Participate in a Globalized World
UC’s Public Commitment

Associated Organizations

To promote its role beyond the classroom, our University works and collaborates with other institutions. The following are some of the organizations that are associated with UC: