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Office of the Chancellor

The Office of the Chancellor is responsible for establishing direct links with the hierarchical authorities of the Catholic Church. Its primary function is to ensure that the University meets its goal of being a higher education institution guided by the Catholic faith. The Archbishop of Santiago is in his own right Grand Chancellor of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. In case of vacancy of the Archbishop’s office in Santiago, who will exercise the functions of the Grand Chancellor’s Office, with the title of Pro Grand Chancellor, is the prelate that manages the archdiocese.

About the Chancellor

Holds the guardianship of the University, manages the institution and is the direct and immediate nexus with the hierarchical authorities of the Catholic Church, especially with the Holy See. The Archbishop of Santiago is, by his own right, Chancellor of the Pontificia Universidad Católica.

Units of the Office of the Chancellor

Office of the Vice Chancellor

The unit that represents the Office of the Chancellor within the university and is led by the Vice Chancellor.

Priest Osvaldo Fernández de Castro

Vice Chancellor

University Chaplaincy

This unit oversees the Campus Ministry as mandated by the Chancellor. It sets the ministry’s guidelines and course of action, and leads the university’s evangelization and initiatives to further the faith and social life of all members of the university community.

Father Jorge Merino

University Chaplain

Office of Campus Ministry & Christian Culture

Led by the University Chaplain – the priest mandated by the Chancellor – this unit has the authority to coordinate all the activities that make up the Campus Ministry in order to implement pastoral courses of action.