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Alumnos en el patio de la Virgen en Casa Central - fotógrafo César Cortés

Central Campus

This imposing neoclassical building was completed in 1917 and was originally known as the University Palace. Today it houses the University’s main officers and the colleges of Medicine, Law, Biological Sciences and Communication.

Study at Central Campus

Faculty of Law
Faculty of Law launch

This faculty is committed to developing law professionals through licensing, Master's, and PhD programs. It also offers courses, certification programs and outreach activities, and houses the School of Government and its interdisciplinary program. 

Faculty of Communication
Faculty of Communication launch

This faculty offers degrees in Journalism, Audiovisual Direction and Advertising, which can be complemented with certification, Master's and PhD programs. The faculty also drives research on different aspects of communication.

Faculty of Biological Sciences
Faculty of Biological Sciences launch

The faculty offers degrees in Biology, Biochemistry and Marine Biology, along with PhD and certification programs. The faculty is known for its original scientific research and for teaching science at the basic and advanced levels. The Institute of Biological & Medical Engineering and the School of Veterinary Medicine, two interdisciplinary programs at UC Chile, are also part of this college.

Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Medicine launch

This faculty houses the School of Nursing, the School of Medicine and the School of Dental Medicine, which offer undergraduate, Master's, PhD and specialization programs. Additionally, it offers degrees in Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy and Nutrition and Dietetics. The Institute of Biological & Medical Engineering and the School of Veterinary Medicine, two interdisciplinary programs at UC Chile, are also part of this faculty.

Campus Images

The stained glass of the landing of the main staircase was inaugurated in 1931. - Photo by Karina Fuenzalida

Main entrance

Statue of the Sacred Heart - Photo by Cesar Cortes

Statue of the Sacred Heart

Law students - Photo by Cesar Cortes

Faculty of Law

Students from the Faculty of Medicine.

Faculty of Medicine

Students from the Faculty of Communications.

Faculty of Communications

History of the Central Campus

Facade of the University Palace at the beginning of the 20th century

Originally known as the University Palace, this campus is home to the university's oldest and most iconic building.

The foundation stone was laid in 1902 and works finished in 1918. The original design was the work of Italian architect Ignacio Cremonesi and was completed by architect Emile Jecquier. Its facade faces Avenida de Las Delicias (now Alameda Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins).

The design of the campus organized the colleges around central courtyards surrounded by wide corridors, mimicking the structure of a cloister. Since then and to this day, the second floor is where the President and Provost, as well as other officials, have their offices.

In 1931, a fire burned through two full floors of the University Palace. The reconstruction process took only two years and, in gratitude for the speedy works, the university president at the time, Monsignor Carlos Casanueva, commissioned a statue of the Sacred Heart that was placed on the facade, where it remains a symbol of the university to this day.

The University Palace housed all of the colleges until 1960, when they began to migrate to other campuses in the city. Over the years the Main Campus grew to accommodate new buildings and colleges such as Law, Biological Sciences, Medicine and Communication, as well as the Clinical Hospital and the Outreach Center.

Check out the video with the history of Central Campus