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Our Campuses

The University is spread over five campuses: four in different districts of Santiago and one in the southern city of Villarrica. These campuses not only fill an academic need but have also become cultural landmarks that the University has provided to both cities.

The statue of Christ at the front of the building was made in 1935 by the Hungarian sculptor Ernest Wünsch. It is 5 meters tall and 5.5 meters wide, and it is inspired by Christ the Redeemer.
Central Campus

This imposing neoclassical building was completed in 1917 and was originally known as the University Palace. Today it houses the University’s main officers and the colleges of Medicine, Law, Biological Sciences and Communication.

The campus is located in an old colonial house made of adobe and wood, which remains standing today.
Lo Contador

This old hacienda from the 18th century has been the seat of the College of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies since 1958. Its main house is a National Heritage Monument and a Santiago architectural landmark.

Fachada del Campus Oriente con la luz del atardecer.
Oriente Campus

This beautiful building was a convent and boarding school for the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts until 1971, when the University acquired it to launch several college careers. Today it houses the College of Arts and the Institute of Aesthetics.

Entrada del campus San Joaquín
San Joaquin

The largest campus of UC that has become a true university town, housing 13 colleges. It has belonged to the university since 1891, though the first colleges only began to be built there in the 1960s.

Villarrica Campus

The Villarrica Campus is located in one of the most beautiful cities in southern Chile. It houses the local university officers and offers the degrees of Primary and Early Childhood Education.