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Pedro Bouchon Aguirre

Vice President for Research

Heads the Office of the Vice President for Research


Leads the Office of the Vice President for Research with the mission of bringing excellence to UC with first-rate research to contribute to the country and the world.
Some duties include: 

  • Proposing PhD policies and approving or modifying the Colleges' academic programs. Likewise, establishing admissions, benefits and administration processes for said programs.
  • Drawing up policies to support research, innovation, intellectual property, technology transfer and artistic creation.
  • Ensuring the proper ethical and bioethical execution of research projects.
  • Reviewing and approving agreements or associations with other universities.
  • He is also the President of the UC Innovation Center Anacleto Angelini.

To learn more about the duties and functions of the Vice President for Research, read the Regulations of the Organizations that work with the Office of the President.


Pedro Bouchon Aguirre is a Civil Industrial Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and a PhD from the School of Food Biosciences at the University at Reading University in the United Kingdom.

He is a full professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Bioprocesses of the College of Engineering, and was also director and creator of the Master's in Innovation at UC Chile.

At the time of his appointment, he was Vice Dean of the College of Engineering, and previously was Director of Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Studies at the College of Engineering, and Director of the 2030 Engineering Project.

His lines of research are focused on food design, with an emphasis on microstructures, and transportation and health.

Pedro Bouchon, Vice President for Research

His Team

imagen de Diego Cosmelli

Diego Cosmelli

Director of PhD Studies & College of Doctorate Programs

imagen de María Elena Boisier

María Elena Boisier

Director of Research

imagen de Miryam Singer

Miryam Singer

Director of Arts & Culture

imagen de Álvaro Ossa

Álvaro Ossa

Director of Transfer & Development

imagen de Ramon Molina

Ramon Molina

Executive Director of UC Anacleto Angelini Innovation Center

imagen de Claudia Saez

Claudia Saez

Director of Ethics & Safety for Research

imagen de Eliette Angel

Eliette Angel

Coordinator of Knowledge Communication Unit

imagen de Pamela Fernández

Pamela Fernández

Executive Director