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Office of the Vice President for Research

The Office of the Vice President for Research is the unit in charge of elaborating and executing policies on doctoral studies, research and innovation, academic publications, artistic creation and intellectual property. It coordinates and communicates all multidisciplinary research and knowledge developed at the UC Chile, its hubs and regional stations.

About the Vice President for Research

Proposes, oversees and revises Phd policies, research, innovation, intellectual property, technology transfer and artistic creation, as well as the ethics, bioethics and safety of research projects.

Units of the Office of the Vice President for Research

Office of PhD Studies & College of Doctorate Programs

A unit with the mission of safeguarding the quality of the PhD programs in conjunction with the academic units, and support and guide faculty in its research, PhD and interdisciplinary efforts.

Diego Cosmelli


Office of Research

A unit that fosters research in all areas of knowledge, boosts interdisciplinary development and promotes research with an international scope. It supports applications to national and international projects and offers grants to academics.

María Elena Boisier


Office of Arts & Culture

The unit that fosters relations between the University’s artistic creators and the public. It is responsible for highlighting, promoting and disseminating all artistic and cultural activities at the University.

Miryam Singer


Office of Transfer & Development

A unit with the mission to promote, facilitate and expand applied research and the transfer of new knowledge to society with the goal of contributing to the country’s development.

Álvaro Ossa


UC Innovation Center

We promote a pro-innovation and entrepreneurship culture environment at UC Chile and the region, through meetings, networking and the promotion of joint projects between academia, the private sector and public institutions.

Ramón Molina

Executive director

Ethics & Safety for Research

A unit that ensures excellence in research by safeguarding ethics and scientific best practices in all investigations, advising ethics committees and training members of the university community.

Claudia Saez


Knowledge Communication Unit

Facilitates the exchange and distribution of the sciences, humanities and arts for chilean society to recognise their value and impact on the life of people, as well as encouraging critical thinking (social appropriation of knowledge).

Eliette Angel

Knowledge Communication Unit Coordinator

Executive Direction

The unit in charge of the office’s administrative, economic and financial management, supporting the Vice President for Research and its associated offices.

Pamela Fernández