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Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs oversees the development and execution of the University’s academic policy. Led by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, some of its functions include proposing teaching, faculty, student admission and inclusion policies, as well as agreements with other institutions.

About the Vice President of Academic Affairs

Is the university officer who leads the Office of Academic Affairs.

Units of the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs

Office of the Executive Director

A unit in charge of the Office of the Vice President’s administrative, economic, and financial management, which supports the Vice President and associated offices.

Ignacia Torres


Academic Office of Teaching

The unit tasked with the research and execution of the University’s educational program. To that end, it reviews the quality of the programs and compliance with the University’s academic policies in direct coordination with the Academic Units, jointly safeguarding the quality of the programs.

Gonzalo Pizarro


Office of Admissions & Financial Aid

A unit tasked with supporting future students in their mission to attend the university.

Juan Echeverría


Office of the Registrar

The unit in charge of services and records for students, faculty and alumni. It also undertakes different projects to support students during their years at UC.

Shirley Booth


Office of Academic Development

A unit of the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs that supports the comprehensive development of the faculty by implementing management policies and monitoring their academic careers. Likewise, it supports academic units in developing and managing funding opportunities and grants with resources from the Education Ministry.

Silvana Zanlungo


Office of Inclusion

This office promotes diversity by eliminating barriers to admission and participation of students in their passage through UC Chile. Through equitable admissions pathways, academic and psycho-educational accompaniment, academic alerts, and institutional collaboration, the office works towards an inclusive culture at the university. The work impacts students in general and targeted groups that may face more significant barriers due to their socioeconomic status, disability, migration process, and gender, among others.

Catalina García


Office of Gender Equality

This unit was created on recommendation from the university’s Women and Academia II Commission. Its function is to review, promote and implement gender equality policies at the University.

Silvana Zanlungo


Center of Faculty Development

This unit has the mission of strengthening the teaching role of professors in order for students to receive a deeper and more significant learning experience. To that end, the unit offers training programs, educational consulting services and support with new learning methodologies to academic units, professors and their assistants.

Chantal Jouannet


Office of Student Affairs

A unit that seeks to contribute to the comprehensive training of students and ensure their quality of life through supporting, preventing and developing activities in health, sports and university life during all stages of their academic career (undergraduate and postgraduate). Additionally, this office works to protect student rights, promoting good relations and best practices within the community.

Carolina Méndez