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Office of the Provost for Institutional Management

The Office of the Provost for Institutional Management supports and oversees the University’s relations with affiliated institutions. Additionally, it supports the University’s leadership and units in legal affairs, future heritage development, promoting philanthropy, fundraising, and online continuing education and English courses.

About the Provost for Institutional Management

It’s the authority tasked with linking the University with associated organizations and has specific functions in institutional management and development.

Units of the Office of the Provost for Institutional Management

Offices of Management Control, Studies & Estate Development

The unit that leads the annual budget process and controls the expenses of the University’s offices, as well as advising the leadership on tracking performance indicators.

Paulina Dreyer


Office of Legal Affairs

A unit that supports the work of the University’s leadership and units in legal issues that come up during the institution’s day-to-day activities.

José Miguel Burmeister


Office of Studies & Estate Development

The unit manages heritage assets as well as those that will lead to the University’s future growth. Supports the development and future projection of UC through:

  • Conducting strategic studies.
  • Participating in strategic projects.
  • Strengthening ties with UC-related entities.
  • Better administration of assigned assets for wealth management.
  • Paulina Dreyer


    Office of Projects & Philanthropy

    The unit in charge of preparing, updating, and analyzing relevant information to manage the University’s reserve funds. It must also support the University’s leadership and units in fundraising and financing, promoting philanthropy and special projects.

    Office of Continuing Education

    A unit whose mission is to deliver a lifelong learning experience to people who have embarked on a professional career but want to acquire new skills, especially as it relates to technology, stay up-to-date on their expertise, pick up new knowledge or grow in faith.

    Office of the Alumni Association

    The unit that strengthens the University's bond with its former students, maintaining constant contact, offering them opportunities for growth and participation in the institution’s development.

    Paulina Rodríguez


    Public Policy Center

    The unit that proposes ideas and solutions to help the country meet its main public policy challenges, putting the academic expertise of UC Chile at the service of Chile’s society.

    Office of Public Engagement

    The unit that supports the implementation of the Public Engagement Policy coordinating the different efforts made in that field. It seeks to value, articulate, communicate and evaluate the contribution of the distinct actions develop in the University.

    María Elena González Plitt


    Office of Cultural Heritage

    The unit that seeks to promote the process of safeguard –selection, valorization, conservation, research, management and diffusion – of the distinct heritage collections that University’s estimate to put under its protection and responsability, working jointly and transversally with the units and internal teams that manage the cultural heritage.

    Emilio de la Cerda


    English UC

    The unit in charge of teaching English to undergraduate and graduate students. It provides continuous training services to internal units, external organizations and the general public, in addition to special services related to the English language.