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Office of the Provost

The Office of the Provost is an executive unit that directly supports the University President's administration and is responsible for coordinating the work carried out by other units of the Office of the President. It defines and oversees institutional analysis duties, promotes good quality of life among students, manages the library system, and ensures the University’s participation in public policy and international relations.

About the Provost

The only officer that can fill in for the University President during his temporary absence. The provost is named by the President to a position of trust and is relieved of duties after a three-year term, although it can also be renewed.

Office of the Provost Units

Executive Direction

The unit in charge of the administrative, economic and financial management of the Office of the Provost, and supports the Provost and its associated units.

Mauricio Ferrari

Executive Director

Office of Analysis & Planning

The unit in charge of the management of university information, developing analysis and studies to aid in decision making. It also coordinates the processes of preparation, formalization, agreement and monitoring of strategic plans, and quality assurance through the accreditation processes.

Bárbara Prieto


Office of the University Library Administration

The unit responsible for ensuring that libraries are properly managed and integrated into the University’s teaching, learning, research and outreach processes by responding to its needs, granting timely and efficient access to information resources, and ensuring proper management of human, physical, financial and technological resources.

Digital Administration

The unit tasked with highlighting and positioning the University’s digital information ecosystem in a standardized and traceable way so that all the digital products produced by the UC's academic and administrative units are integrated in a coherent and consistent manner.

Office of Sustainability

The unit that seeks to bring sustainability into the university’s education, research, and operation processes. The University considers sustainability to be an urgent across-the-board challenge requiring professionals that can develop and implement solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Office of Digital Transformation

The unit is responsible for promoting a cultural change within the University. Develops strategies to adopt new technologies that allow to modernize processes, reduce time and improve results.

Mauricio Bernanbó