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Office of the Vice President for Communication & Cultural Outreach

The unit in charge of preparing and executing the University’s communication, outreach, editorial, marketing. Led by the Vice President for Communication & Cultural Outreach, it designs, organizes and coordinates communication and marketing policies.

About the Vice President of Communications & Cultural Outreach

She is the officer in charge of designing and organizing the University’s communication and marketing policies and activities, promoting cultural outreach activities, leading editorial projects.

Units of the Office of the Vice President for Communication & Cultural Outreach

Executive Direction

The unit in charge of the administrative, economic and financial management of the Office of the Vice President, providing support to the vice president and associated offices.

Camila Rendic


Office of Communication

The unit that develops and executes the University’s communication policy, as well as handling the communication of UC activities and research.

María Verónica Guarda


Office of Corporate Design

The unit that ensures the integrity of the University’s graphic image. It establishes and executes general graphic guidelines and oversees specific graphic projects.

María Soledad Hola


UC Publishing

The University’s publishing house, wch was created to provide editorial support to professors, researchers and authors, and publish works of literature.

María Angélica Zegers


Office of Cultural Outreach

A unit whose mission is to help UC strengthen its commitment to society by positioning the university as a relevant actor in the training of people. It does so through a cultural offering of excellence that promotes the values of the institution, its academic potential and requirements.

Daniela Rosenfeld


UC College Preparatory Program

A unit that prepares students to achieve peak performance on the University Selection Tests (PSU). It also provides personalized vocational counseling to guide students in choosing their career.

Ariel Aguilar


Event Center

This unit makes university infrastructure available to the country’s academic, artistic and cultural ecosystems. It contributes to the transfer of knowledge and to UC’s links with society.

Media UC

Media UC is an audiovisual platform that promotes the knowledge and critical thought generated within Universidad Católica. This digital channel highlights Chile's major issues.

Rodrigo Moreno