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Magdalena Amenábar Folch

Vice President for Communication

Leads the Office of the Vice President for Communication


The officer in charge of developing and executing the University’s communication, outreach, continuing education, editorial, marketing and alumni policies.
Some of the duties include:

  • Designing, organizing and coordinating communication and marketing policies and activities.
  • Promoting and coordinating the University’s outreach activities.
  • Designing and developing distance learning policies and plans.
  • Maintaining the Quality Management System certification that regulates continuing education at the University.
  • Directing the University’s editorial activities.
  • Designing, organizing and coordinating alumni policies.

To learn more about the functions of the Vice President for Communication, read the Regulations of the Organizations that work with the Office of the President.


Magdalena Amenábar has a degree in music from the UC and a Master's degree in organizational psychology from Adolfo Ibáñez University.

For over 20 years she has been an academic at the UC School of Drama. She is an outstanding solo soprano, and focuses her teaching on vocal interpretation and research, both spoken and lyrical.

Winner of the 2000 Circle of Art Critics Award, she was head of teaching at the School of Drama (1999-2002), academic secretary of the College of Arts (2008-2016) and, before assuming her position as vice president, academic representative before the Leadership Council since 2019.

La vicerrectora de Comunicaciones, Magdalena Amenábar. Fotografía: Karina Fuenzalida

Her Team

Camila Rendic

Director of Development

María Verónica Guarda

Director of Communication

María Soledad Hola

Director of Corporate Design

María Angélica Zegers

Director of UC Publishing

Daniela Rosenfeld

Director of Cultural Outreach

Magdalena del Río

Director of Marketing

Ariel Aguilar

Director of UC College Preparatory Program

Alejandra Carrazana

Director of Event Center

Elena Aguirre

Director of Media UC