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Academic Awards

The University recognizes the work and experience of its academics with distinctions awarded according to the quality of their classes, their contributions to the development of the arts, the impact of their work on society and development of public policies, and to those who leave their mark on the university community.

    The Awards are:
  • Monsignor Carlos Casanueva Award

  • Teaching Excellence Recognition Award (PRED)

  • Artistic Creation Award

  • Abdón Cifuentes Award

Monsignor Carlos Casanueva Award

An award given out by the University’s Senior Leadership since 2002 to recognize academics who have left their mark on the UC community. It is the highest recognition an academic can receive at the institution.

The Monsignor Carlos Casanueva Award is presented annually during the University's Sacred Heart Day ceremony.

Year Winner Academic Unit More Information
2022 Aldo Cipriano Zamorano Escuela de Ingeniería launch
2021 Arturo Yrarrázaval Covarrubias Facultad de Derecho launch
2020 Bárbara Loeb Luschow Faculty of Chemistry & Pharmacy launch
2019 Rafael Benguria Donoso Institute of Physics launch
2018 Silvia Pellegrini Ripamonti Faculty of Communication launch
2017 Flavio Nervi Odone School of Medicine launch
2016 Francisco Rosende Ramírez Institute of Economics
2015 Jaime Donoso Arellano Institute of Music
2014 Pedro Morandé Court Institute of Sociology
2013 Francisco Claro Huneuss Faculty of Education
2012 Federico Leighton Puga School of Medicine

Teaching Excellence Recognition Award (PRED)

The Teaching Excellence Recognition Award is given to outstanding and committed professors who display creativity and innovation in the classroom. The winner is chosen by professors and students.

The award looks for academics who embody UC’s quality teaching principles, such as the promotion of the University’s values, a commitment to learning, analytical learning and putting theory into practice.

The award, which is presented at the opening ceremony of each academic year, has three categories: initiation, part-time and general. Review the list of the most recent winners.

Category Winner Academic Unit More Information
Initiation María Paz González Vallejos Nutrition and Dietetics launch
Gloria Jiménez Moya Faculty of Communication launch
Ruby Olivares Donoso School of Nursing
María Rodríguez Fernández Faculty of Theology launch
Francisco Urdinez Gaviota School of Dental Medicine launch
Part-time Gloria Arancibia Hernández Faculty of Communication launch
Andrés Bernasconi Ramírez School of Dental Medicine launch
Natália Cândido Vendrasco Faculty of Agriculture & Forestry
Márcio Catelan School of Theater launch
José Díaz Bahamondes School of Design launch
Jorge González Burgos Physical Therapy launch
Liliana Guerra Aburto Institute of Aesthetics launch
María Isabel Lara Millapan School of Arts launch
Nicolás Luco Illanes Institute of Aesthetics launch
Francisca Massone Moya Faculty of Biological Sciences
Carolina Martínez Reyes School of Architecture launch
Alejandra Meneses Arevalo Faculty of Communication launch
Domingo Mery Quiroz Faculty of Literature launch
María Magdalena Ossandón Widow School of Theater launch
Felipe Ossio Castillo Faculty of Theology
Olaya Sanfuentes Echeverría Institute of Philosophy launch
Rodrigo Soto Garrido School of Medicine launch
General Sebastián Soto Donoso Institute of Music launch
Beltrán Undurraga Rodríguez School of Medicine launch
Verónica Vásquez Brzovic School of Nursing launch

Artistic Creation Award

This award is given by the Office of Arts & Culture to the artistic work undertaken by an academic artist from one of the arts-related colleges, whose collective works represent an impactful contribution to the development of the arts in the country and society.

The Artistic Creation Award is presented at the opening ceremony of each academic year.

Year Winner Academic Unit More Information
2021 Cristián Salineros Fillat Escuela de Arte launch
2020 Pedro Alonso Zúñiga School of Architecture launch
2020 Hugo Palmarola Sagredo School of Design launch
2019 Rodrigo Cádiz Cádiz School of Engineering and Institute of Music launch
2019 Andrea Chignoli Barriga Faculty of Communication launch
2018 Andrés Kalawski Isla School of Theater launch
2017 Teodoro Fernández Larrañaga School of Architecture launch
2016 Voluspa Jarpa Saldías School of Arts launch
2015 Magdalena Atria Lemaitre School of Arts launch
2013 Mike Wilson Faculty of Literature launch
2013 Alejandro Guarello Finlay Institute of Music launch
2012 Mónica Bengoa Wünkhaus School of Arts launch

Abdón Cifuentes Award

The Abdón Cifuentes award has been presented by the Public Policy Center since 2013 to academics who have positively impacted Chilean society through their role in developing public policies.

The Abdon Cifuentes award is presented each year during the Sacred Heart Day ceremony.

Year Winner Academic Unit More Information
2022 Eduardo Valenzuela Carvallo Facultad de Ciencias Sociales (Instituto de Sociología y Escuela de Gobierno) launch
2021 Alexis Kalergis Parra Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas launch
2020 Francisco Gallego Yañez Institute of Economics launch
2019 Paula Bedegral García School of Medicine launch
2018 María Elena Santibáñez Torres Faculty of Law launch
2017 Jorge Manzi Astudillo School of Psychology launch
2016 José Luis Cea Egaña Faculty of Law launch
2015 Alejandro Aravena Mori School of Architecture launch
2014 Bonifacio Fernández Larrañaga School of Engineering launch
2013 Joaquín Montero Labbé School of Medicine launch