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Academic unit: Office of the Provost of Institutional Management

Image of donors having their picture taken with a frame that says "we join in".

Giving Day UC Chile Rallies the University Around a Philanthropy Campaign

This initiative, which attracted more than 800 donors and raised over $90 million pesos, is a decisive step in building a culture of philanthropy within the…

Friends UC having a meeting in a conference room in New York.

Friends UC Chile: A Key Ally for the University

Friends of Catholic University in Chile, Inc. (Friends UC) is a philanthropic entity based in New York. Its mission is to support UC Chile in its initiatives…

Friends UC directors met with the President and other UC Chile authorities.

Friends UC, Our Ally Foundation in the North

Based in the US, this non-profit corporation provides a series of initiatives that support the university being at the forefront of higher education…

female student with headphones watching a computer

UC Chile launch three online master’s focused on job-relevant skills on Coursera

UC Chile, Nº 1 university in Latin America, will offer "Data Science," "Analytics for Business," and "Investment and Applied Finance" to Spanish speakers…

Empty classroom.

Challenges for School Education During and After the Pandemic

Education is an area that the coronavirus health crisis has seriously impacted. Nearly 168 million children were affected by the closure of their schools. The…

Student attending an online class

UC Chile one step forward to offer online master's degrees with Coursera

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC Chile) is the first Chilean university to agree with the online learning platform featuring graduate courses. UC…