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Keywords: Biodiversity

Photo: Dientes de Navarino. In the back are brown and green hills. In the front are some white and brown roots above the green grass. In the middle of both is water.

CHIC Project: A Look at Climate Change from the Far Reaches of the World

The Cape Horn International Center, a consortium of seven universities, seeks to study and monitor how sub-Antarctic ecosystems respond to climate change.

Atacama desert photo, pink flowers

Why Driest Desert on Earth Sometimes Blooms? And What Secrets Reveals?

In one of the driest places on earth, the Atacama Desert, a flower blanket occurs every time the right amount of rainfall and temperature come together to…

Arid hills in the desert

Plants Living on the Edge of Aridity in the Atacama Desert

Better known as airplants, tillandsias are unique species capable of capturing water from the ground and the fog. This particularity has made them excellent…

Mayten seeds

The Rediscovery of Mayten Seed Oil

The unique characteristics of this tree motivated a group of scientists from Universidad Católica and CAPES to study the properties of the oil extracted from…