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Keywords: New Technology

Professor Juan Carlos de la Llera.

UC Chile Professor Received Recognition for his Contribution in Earthquake Impact Reduction

Renowned for his pioneering technology that can mitigate seismic effects by up to 10 times, Professor Juan Carlos de la Llera has been appointed as a new…

One hand is holding a cellphone and the other is almost touching the screen. The background is blurry.

San Joaquín Campus Will Be Chile's First Smart City at Scale

Eight projects have been enabled in their initial phase to cover four critical areas: environment, mobility, security, and enabling resources, for carrying out…

A man is holding a tablet with an AI app.

Amazing AI Initiatives Lead by the University

Many problems affecting modern society can be addressed through artificial intelligence. Here are eight fascinating initiatives led by UC Chile faculty that…

President Ignacio Sánchez testing a virtual reality headset.

UC Chile Fosters Innovation in Teaching Through a VirtuaLab

Located in the CDDoc building at the San Joaquín campus, this laboratory allows experimentation with immersive technologies—such as virtual and augmented…

Luciano Lizana and Álvaro Donoso, Paperlux team.

3 Awesome Innovations Developed by UC Students

PaperLux is a low-cost optical device that transforms screens into interactive whiteboards, making it a great solution for education. Palpa is a shower sponge…