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Student-athlete Lucas Nervi laughing between two other athletes.

The Legacy of the 2023 Pan American Games

43 UC Chile students made history representing the country at the Pan American Games. They played a pivotal role in Team Chile's impressive performance…

Image of the official mascot of the Games, Fiu, a seven-colored bird. He is smiling and with his arms raised in the middle of a field with rugby players behind him.

More Than 40 UC Chile Athletes will seek glory at the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games

With a week to go, the students who will compete are training for the competition that will take place in four regions of Chile: Metropolitana, Valparaís…

a woman in a red shirt is holding a bow and arrow

Mariana Zúñiga: First UC Chile student to win an Olympic medal

The Psychology freshman made history by winning the university's first Olympic-paralympic medal, adding a fourth medal for the Chilean delegation in Japan.