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Applications open for the ninth version of the contest, "Three minutes thesis"

​​​​​​​The contest, developed by the University of Queensland in 2008, is an exercise for Ph.D. students to hone their academic skills by presenting results from their research. The competition has been internationally successful, replicated, and endorsed by different universities around the world.

3MT® at UC

photo_camera PhD student at 2019 version (Credit: César Cortés)

In 2013, seventeen Ph.D. students presented their thesis project in front of a non-specialized audience and jury. That was the first Chilean version of the contest 3MT® -"Three minutes thesis"- held by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. 

In just three minutes, the contestants presented their research in English, using as their sole visual support a picture that remained projected during their presentation. 

Since then, the contest has become one of the most relevant events of the Graduate School. 

As of 2014, oral presentations were relocated to the main auditorium of the Innovation Center (at San Joaquin Campus), and the audience, which has increased year after year, reached 150 spectators in 2019. 

This year, the ninth version of the contest will occur.

If you are a Ph.D. student, do not miss the opportunity to test yourself and communicate your research in English. 

You can apply until June 25 at this link

The contest at UC 

The rules are the same: 

  • presentations cannot last more than three minutes, 
  • they must be in English, 
  • and with only a visual support sheet. 

The jury is made up of university authorities, the winner of the competition the previous year, and a guest of the industrial sector. In addition, it has the participation of some renowned experts in communications or scientific research such as:

  • Soledad Onetto (2014 and 2015), 
  • Nicolás Luco (2016 and 2017), 
  • Andrea Obaid (2018), 
  • Macarena Lescornez (2019) 
  • Ingrid Bachman (2020). 

The jury qualifies the submissions according to the guideline set out in the rules of the original contest. The winner represents the university in the annual international competition of the U21 Network

As far as the audience is concerned, they can also participate in the contest, voting to choose their favorite contestant announced with winners of the first and second place of the competition. 

Due to the pandemic affecting us, the modality of the competition has been adapted. For its eighth version in 2020, the 3MT® became a 100% online event. The situation has implied a significant challenge for the organization and the twenty-one contestants, because they had to record their videos in advance to be selected to move on to the online final. And then, they were streamed and had an audience of more than 400 viewers.

Review the UC 3MT® 2020 version.

For more information about the 2021 version or to clarify doubts, you can write to the email:


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