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UC Chile Graduates Achieve Impressive Employment Rate

A recent study by the Office of Analysis and Planning shows that the employment rate among UC Chile graduates between 2016 and 2020 reaches an impressive 94.4%, but that's not all.

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photo_camera The study also found that 81% of undergraduates from this time period are satisfied with the university and would recommend it to others. Photo by: Karina Fuenzalida.

This high employability rate, reached by those who graduated between 2016-2020, is fantastic news for all UC Chile graduates.  

According to the latest "Study of Undergraduate Graduates,” which was conducted by the Institutional Analysis and Planning Office, the employability rate of students reached 94.4%. 

In this version of the study, the 8-year-old survey achieved an impressive 35% response rate.

Among the 6,453 respondents to the survey, 66.2% work in the private sector, 18.5% in the public sector and 15.3% in the public/private sector. 

What Did You Get from UC Chile?

Professionals who studied at UC Chile are happy with the level of training they received, as well as certain key work skills they use today.

According to 47% of the respondents, the level of training provided by UC Chile exceeds what is required for their job, while 39% considered it adequate, and only 14% stated that it was not sufficient for what they have to do.

Some of the skills cited by graduates include:

  • Critical thinking (80%)
  • Problem-solving (77%),
  • Self-learning and personal initiative (68%) 
  • Teamwork (67%).

Graduates Highly Recommend UC

The level of satisfaction among graduates is quite high.

81% feel satisfied and identify with the institution, and above all, would recommend pursuing studies at the university.

78% are satisfied with the program they studied and 75% are satisfied with their current job position. 

60% of the respondents have indefinite contracts and more than 83% work in the Metropolitan Region. 

Their monthly average salary is about 1.5 million before taxes (about $1,300 USD).

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