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UC Contributions to the Fight Against the Coronavirus Pandemic

Learn about the different research initiatives that we are developing, through interdisciplinary and inter-institutional work, to help tackle the coronavirus pandemic.


Esperanza COVID19 Project

A coronavirus detection plan, which also supports clinical and community follow-up of positive cases and their contacts, will be implemented through primary health care in the districts of La Pintana, Puente Alto, Antofagasta and Pozo Almonte.

Reagent Production for Testing

Academics from the UC Colleges of Biological Sciences and Medicine produced a reagent extraction protocol, which can support the analysis of the PCR test in Chile, just when the world faces a shortage of reagents.

Vaccine Development

Development of vaccine prototypes that can be evaluated in clinical studies, using a formula similar to the one used by UC to develop vaccines against other respiratory viruses

Isolation Chamber

Device that allows medical personnel to protect themselves and limit exposure to droplets from infected patients during invasive procedures such as intubation and extubation, surgery and other medical procedures.

Ozone Generator

A device that seeks to quickly disinfect critical infrastructure such as emergency rooms, ambulances, and wards through an adequate concentration of ozone, which is a powerful disinfectant.

Anti-virus UV Cameras

The system uses ultraviolet light to deactivate the coronavirus in clothing and personal protective equipment of health personnel at hospitals, allowing its potential reuse.


High Productivity Face Shields Project: A prototype that can be manufactured by laser cutting or die cutting, which allows optimized and efficient production that is more agile and low-cost than 3D printing.

Face Shield Projects: Participation in the distributed manufacturing of 3D printed face shields for public and private hospitals throughout the country, coordinated by groups such as AFES (Health Emergency Manufacturers Association); the Alberto Blest Gana School's Fablab, and Mutual de Seguridad.


Snorkel Mask Transformation: PSnorkel masks are converted into inexpensive, airtight, full face masks by installing 3D-printed connectors and additional filters.

Comprehensive Manufacturing of Full Isolation Masks: Airtight masks that can be fully manufactured in Chile, without needing externally manufactured supplies or parts. This project is carried out in collaboration with the private sector.

Respiratory Assistance

Automatic Manual Resuscitator: A low-cost, mechanically sturdy device that can be manufactured quickly in emergency situations. Currently in the process of validation and production scaling.

Respiratory Assistance

Quick and Simple Emergency Mechanical Fan (VEMERS): Pneumatic device with highly available components from the food industry. Very reliable and with a long useful life.

Ergonomic Accessories and Devices

Pandemic Projection Analysis: A platform that charts the evolution of the pandemic and uses mathematical models to predict the effectiveness of health measures such as quarantines, based on data from the Ministry of Health.

Ergonomic Accessories and Devices

Patient Management Systems and Models: Solutions that seek to manage resources and optimize processes in critical areas of health: improve data collection from health centers; emergency critical asset management model, and work shift management model.

Mask Filtering Certification System

Seeking to extend its period of use in emergency situations and during shortages, the system validates the filtering capacity of used and re-sterilized masks.

Rapid Smell Loss Test

Quickly and inexpensively checks for loss of smell, which would allow early detection of potential asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.


Economy: Publication of the Economic Crisis in Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic report, which was delivered to the Minister of Finance.

Education: Publication of the Education Proposals report that was delivered to different departments of the Ministry of Education, with recommendations for short-, medium- and long-term guidelines.

Mental Health: Publication of a document with ethical recommendations and guidelines for families, children and medical personnel that was delivered to the Ministry of Health. Creation of a hotline and web platform to deliver psychological first aid.

Centinela COVID-19 Center - Mauco Project

"Mauco" is a research study that started in 2014 in Molina to determine the factors influencing or preventing chronic diseases in a population group.

In 2020, the study focused on the surveillance of Coronavirus: they have monitored the effects of Covid-19 through periodic controls of infected and non-infected people in that locality.

The study also considers data such as baseline diseases, risk factors, and potential sources of infection.

It is developed by Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Universidad de Chile and Universidad Católica del Maule.

Ethical Guidelines in Patient Care

Ethical recommendations in the comprehensive care of hospitalized patients that considers their dignity and needs, as well as those of the health personnel.

COVID-19 roundtables: Roundtable 1

UC coordinates an interdisciplinary effort to help manage the pandemic through different strategies and projects.

COVID-19 roundtables: Roundtable 2

Implementation of a greater number of tests.

COVID-19 roundtables: Roundtable 3A

Interdisciplinary academic work in science.

COVID-19 roundtables: Roundtable 3B

Interdisciplinary work in social sciences.

COVID-19 roundtables: Roundtable 4A

Development of a national vaccine against COVID19.

COVID-19 roundtables: Roundtable 4B

Therapeutic strategies against COVID19.