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Keywords: Oceans

María José de la Fuente is smiling and standing in a boat, while is holding seaweed above his head.

Huiro Regenerativo: Growing Seaweed for Sustainable Development

The startup, created by UC Chile biologist María José de la Fuente and Colab UC Chile executive director Sebastián Gatica, is revolutionizing the way…

Fisherman with his boat and a bucket with seafood

'Blue food revolution': great way to feed the world without destroying the planet

A group of international researchers calls to take advantage of the great diversity of ‘blue’ or aquatic foods in the coming decades. The group focuses on the…

Power buoy installed in the ocean

Open Sea Lab: The first step to promoting the use of renewable marine energy in Chile

A buoy, anchored two kilometers from the UC Coastal Marine Research Station in Las Cruces, will drive the country's marine renewable energy industry's…

Clownfish swimming

"Lighting Nemo": Why Clownfish Need Their Sleep?

The streetlights on docks or ports are affecting marine life, scientists warn. A new study shows how artificial night light significantly impacts the clownfish…

Pelicans over a cliff full of guano

The importance of seabird guano in pre-Inca agriculture

The research, led by anthropology professor Francisca Santana, provides novel scientific evidence on using the so-called "white guano" in the highly productive…

Mother penguin with two chicks at her feet.

The Origin of Penguins in New Zealand's Warm Waters

The study led by Juliana Vianna, a faculty member from the Faculty of Agronomy and Forest Engineering at Universidad Católica, reconstructed the story told by…