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More than 1,000 young students will participate in Christian solidarity projects at UC Chile

Concern for the most vulnerable is at the core of UC Chile's mission. It is why the university has several solidarity projects and programs aimed at contributing to society. By offering learning and service courses or organizing and coordinating student projects, we strive to help.

Student hammering on the roof of a chapel under construction

photo_camera Since its creation in 2015, the Country Chapel project has build 101 chapels in the country.

Country Mission (Misión País), Country Chapel (Capilla País), Sowing and Housing (Siembra y Viviendas) are projects of the Campus Ministry (Pastoral UC) of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC Chile).

And more than a thousand volunteers will participate in them between January 4 and 14. 
They will build chapels and homes and accompany people delivering Christ's message of hope in 46 locations in 9 regions of Chile, with the youthful energy that characterizes them. 

On Wednesday, January 4, 2023, 1,150 young people will gather in the church of the San Joaquin Campus of UC Chile. 

First, Monsignor Celestino Aós, UC Chile Grand Chancellor and Archbishop of Santiago will send them on their mission in the Mass of departure. 

Then, divided into groups, they will board the buses that will take them to the communities where they will carry out their mission. 

The missions will last until January 14, when, in addition to the construction, volunteers will carry out activities with the neighbors of different localities and reflective meetings about the contingency and their role as Catholics in society.

A brief history of these initiatives:

  • Country Mission (Misión País) is a student project. Since 2004, more than 30,000 young missionaries have taken to nearly 500 areas, from the city of Arica in Northern Chile to Punta Arenas in the extreme South.
  • Country Chapel (Capilla País) was born as an initiative that sought to build new temples for the visit of Pope Francis to Chile. But it goes on till today. Since its creation in 2015, they have made 101 chapels in the country.
  • Sowing UC Chile (Siembra UC) is a missionary project where university students lead groups of schoolchildren. They offer spaces for formation and vocational exchange, and bring the word of Christ with the vitality that characterizes them.
  • After great work with the families, for the first time, "Viviendas" (Housing) will build 7 homes in the communes of Batuco and Lampa, responding to the housing deficit crisis Chile is going through.

Young exchange students or foreigners who want to participate in these projects are always welcome. 
If you are from a university outside Chile and want to participate, you can register here.

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