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Aerial view of San Joaquin Campus
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Opening of the Academic Year:

Our university starts the year with many exciting announcements

President Ignacio Sanchez inaugurated the 2023 academic year and, in his speech, spoke of the success of this year's admissions. He also referred to the university's participation in the constituent process. He concluded by announcing the creation of a new center for dialogue and peace.

President Ignacio Sánchez making a speech.

photo_camera President Ignacio Sánchez during his speech at the opening of the academic year. (Photo: César Cortés)

On the morning of Friday, March 31, 2023, Rector Ignacio Sanchez inaugurated the academic year. 

The ceremony, which about 500 people attended, took place in the Temple of the Sacred Heart and the Francisco Rosende Auditorium at the San Joaquin Campus and was presided over by the Archbishop of Santiago and Chancellor of the UC Chile, Cardinal Celestino Aós. 

The attendees, including : 

  • Minister of Education Marco Antonio Avila,  
  • the Undersecretary of Higher Education, Victor Orellana,  
  • members of the Honorable Superior Council,  
  • authorities and representatives of other higher education institutions,  
  • directors of foundations and corporations linked to UC Chile,  
  • teachers, professionals, and administrative staff,  
  • students and alums. 

An academic ceremony with a speech by President Ignacio Sánchez, the words of the Secretary of State, and the presentation of the UC Chile Spirit Awards, Recognition of Teaching Excellence, and Artistic Creation followed this. 

Afterward, an academic ceremony took place with a speech by President Ignacio Sánchez, the words of the Secretary of State, and the presentation of the UC Chile Spirit Awards, in Recognition of Teaching Excellence and Artistic Creation. 

The President's speech

During his speech this year, the President touched on different topics. 

"This year presents great challenges, so we will have to enhance our work both within UC Chile and also looking at the country's requirements to respond to the pressing needs of society," he said. 

A total of 6,358 students entered UC Chile, of which 55% were women. Nearly 70% of the top scores of the general university admission exam applied to our university in 1st preference, and so did 50% of the first thousand. 

"We continue to make progress in incorporating outstanding students from public education, who this year occupied about 46% of our total enrollment. These figures make us happy and commit us to keep moving forward in seeking the best talent." 

He highlighted that "the absence of face-to-face had serious effects on educational communities, such as school dropout, school coexistence, and severe learning gaps in reading development and mathematical reasoning." 

Minister of Education Antonio Avila among those attending the inauguration of the academic year.
The Minister of Education, Marco Antonio Avila, (center), praised UC Chile as a university with a public purpose.

"From UC Chile, we seek to contribute with experience and research in these challenges. Other proposals for wellness projects in educational teams, socioemotional care, and mental health educational foundations."  

He said about the Chilean Constitutional Process, "to comply with the task entrusted by the Congress, we constituted an Executive Secretariat of Citizen Participation, that will work with universities of Chile and civil society organizations, with a focus on regions." 

He finally announced: 

"Sixty years after the encyclical Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth) of Pope John XXIII, we announce the Center for Dialogue and Peace, which arises from our university identity and mission, to work and contribute to dialogue and peace in Chile." 

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