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Talk2Me Program

Worldwide students can practice Spanish with UC Chile’s students

In 2022, the Talk2Me Program will accept applications from August 8 to 31.

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photo_camera The fourth version of Talk2Me begins on September 1st and will run until October 24th, 2022.

Created in 2021, the Talk2Me program –developed by the Coordination of Internationalization at Home of the Office of the Vice Presidency for International Affairs (VRAI in Spanish)– seeks language practice by linking UC Chile’s students and international students from partner institutions. 

Both group of students participate, week by week, in virtual gatherings where they can talk in English and Spanish. The purpose of the program is that they can collaboratively contribute to each other's learning and practice of their native language.

At the beginning of this program, Talk2Me began working with international students from eight universities in the United States. 

However, for this fourth version, the call will be open –between August 8th and August 31st– to any student from English-speaking universities and UC Chile’s students.  

According to Felipe Herrera, Coordinator of Internationalization at Home at VRAI, this decision was made to "provide a more global perspective for our students," as well as to "strengthen the link with our strategic partners in the English-speaking world".

The fourth version of Talk2Me begins on September 1st and will run until October 24th, 2022.

Testimonials from international students

More than 200 UC Chile and international students have participated in these four versions.

To Daniela Siman, from the Washington University in St. Louis, the Talk2Me program is something unique.

"There is something about being able to talk to someone your age who speaks the language you're trying to learn that makes conversation much more natural than a classroom environment where you usually practice that language." 

The student adds: "The topics that the program chose every week were good starting points for deeper conversations that we ended up having. The 30-minute session was just enough time to didn't feel it too fleeting nor tedious. I'm so glad I got to participate and meet a new Chilean friend."

"Getting to know and having the opportunity to talk with a Chilean student, even via Zoom, was a fruitful and productive experience," says Clayton Glasgow, from the University of Notre Dame.

"I was able to practice my language skills in addition to meeting a new friend and learning more about the culture and customs of Chile. I would recommend participation to all future students intending to study abroad in Chile." 

Amy Perez had a "wonderful time" in the Talk2Me program.

The University of California, San Diego student thinks she and her partner "had such a fun time getting to know each other while also really learning from each other. I would highly recommend this program, and I am grateful for participating."

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the following form. (in Spanish)

Have any questions? 

Please contact Barbara Fuchslocher, from the Internationalization at Home Officer:


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