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Keywords: International Alliances

View of a Sweden city

Chile - Sweden platform launches joint doctoral courses program

Chilean and Swedish universities grouped on the ACCESS platform will participate in the joint call to promote doctoral courses for both countries. They want to…

Join the third webinar about the role of universities in tackling the ecological crisis

The Strategic Alliance of Catholic Research Universities (SACRU), composed of eight institutions, invites you to this webinars series on how universities can…

president Sánchez attending an international meeting

The growth and development of alliances in virtuality

The Office of the Vice-President for International Affairs (VRAI) was created in 2020, whose Vice-President is Midwifery Nurse, Prof. Lilian Ferrer. With her…

Mobility Programs into Pandemic

Our international mobility team has overcome numerous obstacles to keep international programs afloat throughout 2021. During this time, our primary concern…

international students listening

New directions with a global focus for our community

Based on the 2020-2025 Development Plan, we would like to share two new initiatives recently launched by the Vice-President of International Affairs (VRAI).