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Live broadcasts

Solar Eclipse 2020

Araucanía Region, December 14, 2020

UC is organizing and conducting live broadcasts of the total solar eclipse event on three different channels.
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Institute of Astrophysics

The Institute of Astrophysics is organizing live broadcasts of the total solar eclipse event on different channels:

Eclipse Show

The eclipse broadcast will be going on among interviews with national and international experts who will explain the phenomenon in both English and Spanish.

Youtube Astro UC launch Facebook Astro UC launch

Eclipse sonification for visually impaired people

Through unique technology, the photon flux will be converted into a sound frequency to allow blind people to experience the eclipse's sensation.

Inclusive UC Astrophysics launch

Villarrica Campus at Araucanía Region

Villarrica Campus, located in the middle of the eclipse zone, will present an online eclipse program (in Spanish). There will be a conversation (in Spanish) about Mapuche's worldview on the eclipse, astronomical aspects, and the effects on the environment and tourism.

Live broadcast on Monday, December 14, starting at 11:30 am (GMT -4) through the official UC social networks:

Facebook UC launch Youtube UC launch

International Broadcasting

Institute of Astrophysics will live broadcast the eclipse signal following the Sun with their telescopes and cameras.
The sign will go worldwide through multiple channels: