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Strategic axis: Interdisciplinary Studies

Fusing and combining different areas of knowledge is part of the goals of the Catholic University in both learning and research processes. Read the news about interdisciplinary initiatives in our university.


Students from UC Chile and Duke smiling, the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve can be seen in the background.

Join Forces: UC Chile and Duke Students Unite for Conservation Projects in Huilo Huilo

In a collaboration established in 2021, four students from College UC Program and nine participants from the DukeEngage Program journeyed to the Huilo Huilo…

A man is doing research in a boat.

New Engineering Program Focuses on Natural Resources and Climate Change

The program offered by the Faculty of Agriculture & Forestry will train individuals who have in-depth knowledge of the use of natural resources and are able to…

Alaina G. Levine giving a lecture at College UC Chile.

Unicorn Careers: How to Combine Different Areas of Knowledge for Your Profession

Alaina Levine, American science communicator and comedian, gave a series of talks at College UC Chile, focused on career development, entrepreneurship and job…

A man is holding a tablet with an AI app.

Amazing AI Initiatives Lead by the University

Many problems affecting modern society can be addressed through artificial intelligence. Here are eight fascinating initiatives led by UC Chile faculty that…

Hands writing numbers on a green chalkboard..

Maths & Theatre: Could they work together? This project says yes.

The Exacta group brings together actors, teachers, and other professionals, by offering online workshops to learn math using theater techniques. The results…

a room with a large black and white photograph on the wall

How to look at the world from other perspectives

The "notion of the body" and "landscapes of memory" are the concepts that give rise to the reflection on two projects that merge science and art. They are…

Group of students discussing during an engineering workshop

Art and Science: A Firm Commitment to Interdisciplinarity

Exploring nanotechnology and neurology is unusual from an art and design point of view. But for the ArTeCiH Contest, that is the goal: to cross the boundaries…