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Academic unit: UC Anacleto Angelini Innovation Center

Green hydrogen cylinders next to wind energy generators and solar panels.

Boosting Chile's Green Hydrogen Revolution

Key representatives from the public, private, and academic sectors, in collaboration with active participation from the UC Chile, have come together to…

Authorities during the signing of the agreement at the Santiago Stock Exchange.

UC Chile Leads the Way in Supporting Startups to Reach the ScaleX Venture Exchange

UC Chile will boost small and medium-sized technology-based companies thanks to an agreement with the Santiago Stock Exchange and Corfo. As a sponsor, the…

Five young man, winners of the competition, are posing with a big diploma.

Climate Change: Amazing Solutions Created by UC Chile Students

Committed to helping solve the difficult environmental scenario the planet is facing, different students are ready to contribute their creativity and talent to…

One hand is holding a cellphone and the other is almost touching the screen. The background is blurry.

San Joaquín Campus Will Be Chile's First Smart City at Scale

Eight projects have been enabled in their initial phase to cover four critical areas: environment, mobility, security, and enabling resources, for carrying out…

Two young men and one woman are discussing during a manufacturing workshop.

Manufacturing Labs Network Boosts Creativity and Innovation in Students

There are currently eight workshops for the development of prototypes and models in different UC Chile campuses. Students and faculty members can work in these…

María José de la Fuente is smiling and standing in a boat, while is holding seaweed above his head.

Huiro Regenerativo: Growing Seaweed for Sustainable Development

The startup, created by UC Chile biologist María José de la Fuente and Colab UC Chile executive director Sebastián Gatica, is revolutionizing the way…