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Keywords: International Students

News and articles about exchange and mobility programs for international students at UC Chile.

Students of the Intercultural Approaches for Public Health Program on the UC Chile San Joaquin Campus, smiling.

How Does the Intercultural Approaches for Public Health Program Works?

Through a combination of workshops, seminars, practical sessions, and immersive field experiences, this program aims to provide international students with…

UC Chile welcome ceremony for international students.

UC Chile Welcomes Over 400 New International Students

418 international students joined UC Chile this year and will be with us throughout the entire first semester of the year. The Office of Global Mobility of the…

International students chat while sitting in the patio of the San Joaquin Campus.

COIL: Globalizing the Classroom

COIL, an acronym for Collaborative Online International Learning, is an approach that facilitates the connection of students and educators from different…

Climate change adaptation and resilience: big challenges for local communities

The online event on the climate crisis will bring together speakers from PUC-Rio and UC Chile. In addition, testimonies of students from different countries…

A man is giving a speech on stage while a woman is looking at him waiting to talk. In the wall is a screen with the phrase "Green Guide: for students that are joining to the UC Chile".

Hi, International Students! A green-friendly UC Chile welcomes you

If you are an international student, you should know the Green Guide, a manual on how to be sustainable during your stay at UC Chile.

The photography shows a big group of international students from 33 different countries and academics from UC Chile.

UC Chile Welcomes 420 International Students from 33 Countries Around the World

Some of the students are here for exchange programs, research internships, professional internships, double/dual degree programs, and summer programs. During…

nursing teacher demonstrating how to watch a monitor to two female students

Nursing at UC Chile: People Trained to Care for People

Keep reading to learn more about this program, which is part of the Faculty of Medicine. Its leadership in Chile and abroad makes it a great alternative for…