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UC Chile international students sitting in a room, smiling while chatting.
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UC Chile Welcomes Over 400 New International Students

418 international students joined UC Chile this year and will be with us throughout the entire first semester of the year. The Office of Global Mobility of the Office of the Vice President of International Affairs welcomed them with a grand celebration, including traditional Chilean folklore and cuisine.

UC Chile welcome ceremony for international students.

photo_camera Photo by Karina Fuenzalida, Office of the Vice President for Communication & Cultural Outreach.

The welcome ceremony for international students, organized by the Office of Global Mobility of the Office of the Vice President of International Affairs at UC Chile, took place on Tuesday, March 5, at the Fresno Salon at the Central Campus of the UC Chile, located in the downtown of Santiago de Chile. The event welcomed 418 students from 140 foreign universities.

The ceremony was inaugurated by University President Ignacio Sánchez, who warmly welcomed the group of students representing 28 countries, recognizing their significant contribution to the internationalization of the university community.

“We hope you feel at home and can fulfill your dreams and expectations at a personal, academic, and community level. May you find a true university community here”, said UC Chile President Ignacio Sánchez.

During his speech, the university's highest authority highlighted the creation of the Support Program, an initiative by the Office of Global Mobility aimed at providing support before, during, and after exchange programs for international and UC Chile students venturing into the world.

Lilian Ferrer, the Vice President of International Affairs, emphasized the University's dedication to advancing the integration of its international community and fostering a campus with a global perspective during her speech to the students.

“We know adjusting to a new university—and a new country and culture—can be a bit of a challenge. That’s why I want to stress the Office of the Vice President of International Affairs is here to support you throughout your integration and stay at our university", stated Lilian Ferrer, Vice President of International Affairs.

The event also included informative talks detailing the assistance offered by the Office of Global Mobility, highlighting various benefits accessible to international students throughout their stay at UC Chile.

Cristian Díaz Castro, the Director of Global Mobility, made a presentation about UC Chile, showcasing the four campuses, study programs, infrastructure, support networks, and initiatives promoting responsible student mobility. He emphasized the Green Guide for International Students and the commitment to environmental conservation.

“We are not only welcoming over 400 new international students this semester, but we are also starting a process of support, cultural enrichment, and interinstitutional collaboration on our campuses. This sets us apart today at the national and Latin American levels as one of the leading universities in undergraduate and postgraduate student exchange.” Cristian Díaz Castro, Director of Global Mobility.

Almas UC group presentation at Fresno Salon. Behind them is the text "La Tirana".
Photo by Karina Fuenzalida, Office of the Vice President for Communication & Cultural Outreach.

The classical folk group "Almas UC" showcased the cultural diversity of our country through dance for all international students and present authorities. The presentation featured a folk musical journey, performing samples from the north to south of Chile.

To wrap up this event, participants enjoyed a wide variety of typical Chilean dishes, a small taste of what they will experience during the next six months in Chile

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