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Discover all the research that UC Chile does and how it contributes to the country through news about its researchers, discoveries and patents.


Image of a galaxy in formation in yellow and orange colors with a black and bluish background.

How Were Galaxies Formed?

UC Institute of Astrophysics researchers are participating in the LAGER project, an international initiative aimed at discovering the origins of galaxies.

Delegation of researchers from Tsinghua University together with academics and UC Chile authorities at the UC Chile Central Campus. (Photo credit: Pía Billa)

Researchers from Beijing’s Tsinghua University Visit UC Chile to Explore Areas of Scientific Collaboration

The visit by a delegation of distinguished researchers from Tsinghua University—a leading university in China and Asia—aims to foster joint initiatives and…

Professor Luis Prato in a forest.

A Journey into the Heart of Wood at Oregon State University

Luis Prato, a professor from the School of Arts, embarked on a captivating research residency in the Department of Wood Science and Engineering at Oregon State…

Researcher Juan Carlos Castilla Highlight ECIM as a Beacon for Marine Conservation

Established four decades ago in Las Cruces, UC Chile Coastal Marine Research Station (ECIM) emerged in response to the need for a dedicated hub for marine…

Photograph of the participants of La Tríada at the Casa Central Campus.

Leading Latin American University Presidents Address Main Higher Education Challenges

Five years after establishing this university alliance, the top officials from UC Chile, Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico, and Universidad de los Andes in…

Two students measure an archaeological piece in the desert

Archaeology at UC Chile: Heritage, Sustainability, and Innovation

Archaeology Program has firmly established its academic project through an interdisciplinary approach encompassing research on human origins, the evolution of…

Linked to a sensor, a quillay tree positioned on the San Joaquín Campus has its electrical signals and the surrounding earth monitored.

International Study Probes Trees as Unconventional Earthquake Predictors

The international citizen science initiative Tree Rhythms has a dual goal: to demonstrate that nature operates as a unified system of interacting…

From left to right, provost from the University of North Texas (EE.UU), Michael McPherson; the director from the International Cape Horn Center (CHIC), Ricardo Rozzi and the UC Chile President Ignacio Sánchez.

UMAG, UC Chile, and CHIC Strengthen University Partnership to Boost Magallanes as a Scientific Hub

The strategic agreement is part of the cooperation of the consortium of national and foreign higher education institutions that support the work of the Cape…

Authorities inaugurating the first Chile Germany Academic Forum in the UC Chile Hall of Honor.

Sustainable Development Promotes the First Chile-Germany Academic Forum

Experts from seven universities from both countries, including UC Chile, gathered at the first Chile-Germany Academic Forum. This event is built upon a…

Orchestra playing on a stage with audience silhouettes.

How Popular is Classical Music in Chile?

Led by UC Chile, the Music and Heritage Research Ring (Animupa) Project brings together four universities in an effort to study classical or art music as a…

Maria assembling a pile of huiro for weighing in Pichicuy.

The Role of ‘Blue Foods’ for a Sustainable Future

Despite their numerous benefits, blue foods continue to be largely overlooked in the design of sustainable and resilient food systems worldwide, even though…

(From left to right) Juan Larraín, Director of the Institute of Applied Ethics, Adela Cortina, Spanish philosopher, and the UC President Ignacio Sánchez.

Newly Inaugurated Institute of Applied Ethics Focuses on Developing Ethical Discernment

This new interdisciplinary academic unit was inaugurated with a lecture titled "The Mission of Applied Ethics in the 21st Century University" by renowned…