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International HUC Network Offers:

Virtual International Internships for Research

This international association of universities launched a program to connect undergraduate and graduate students with academics to promote scientific collaboration. Find out how you can participate in public health, climate change, nutrition, sustainability, and literature.

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photo_camera The program is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in working alongside leading researchers.

To promote scientific collaboration and the generation of international contacts, the initiative's main objectives seek to encourage virtual internships developed by the HUC (Hemispheric University Consortium). This alliance brings together 14 universities from South America, North America, and the Caribbean, including UC Chile.

The program is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in working alongside leading researchers. The topics are as broad as:

  • Climate Change 
  • Public Health 
  • Nutrition
  • Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry

What types of projects are open to students?

Eduardo Schott, a professor of the UC Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, is promoting a project to develop metal lattices and organic materials for the transformation of biomass.

And he is interested in accepting students to help him. To that end, he has already participated in a HUC meeting to attract undergraduate interns.

"The goal is to have students participate remotely in the research we are doing. We want them to support doctoral students in conducting searches for literature on current topics. It will allow us to complete both the students' theses and the scientific papers we are working on," he explained.

Schott sees this program as an opportunity to show how his workgroup conducts research. Additionally, some students may be interested in continuing their academic education by applying to some of the postgraduate programs they offer.

Another one of the projects that will receive students comes from the Faculty of Medicine

Professor José Galgani is forming a research project that aims to identify critical nutrients in people's diets. He is interested in having students from different countries, so he has also participated in the HUC process. 

"We hope that students can find a space to develop their interests and also train in a specific area," he said.

Other projects that will accept internships:

If you are interested in applying for virtual internships at international institutions, we invite you to learn about all the offered projects.

The research is led by professors from the following universities:

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