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Keywords: Science

A fly is on a green branch.

Fly Brain Research Provides Insight into Diseases of the Human Brain

A groundbreaking study led by PhD in Biological Sciences, Francisca Rojo, could be key to understanding the development of brain structures and provide new…

A young man is watching through a microscope, while a woman is supervising him.

Open Science: The Project That Will Make Research Accessible

The initiative will facilitate access to the knowledge generated at UC Chile to the scientific community of Chile and the world.

The photo shows a group of rat sensory neurons responsible for detecting painful stimuli in the organism. Image credit: Paula Díaz Céspedes.

Amazing Microscope Images taken by Two UC Chile Students Surprise Scientists

Two doctoral students from the Biological Sciences Faculty were recognised for their unique microscopic images showing a group of rat sensory neurons. Whilst…

Gloved hand holding a patient’s hand

A painful public health problem

Over 10% of Chile's health care budget goes on treating chronic pain, which is the equivalent of the country's total yearly research investment, including…

a row of vials with the word covid - 19 vaccine on them

Ministry of Health and UC Chile's Study: CoronaVac Vaccine Effectively Prevents Coronavirus Infections

Published in one of the most prestigious medical journals globally, this is the first research that measures more than ten million people vaccinated under…

a room with a large black and white photograph on the wall

How to look at the world from other perspectives

The "notion of the body" and "landscapes of memory" are the concepts that give rise to the reflection on two projects that merge science and art. They are…

Group of students discussing during an engineering workshop

Art and Science: A Firm Commitment to Interdisciplinarity

Exploring nanotechnology and neurology is unusual from an art and design point of view. But for the ArTeCiH Contest, that is the goal: to cross the boundaries…