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Strategic axis: Frontier Knowledge

Working on neglected diseases in Chile

In a column written by Dr. Luis Pizarro and Pedro Bouchon they explain the urgency for countries like ours to tackle Neglected Diseases and the advantage for…

A fly is on a green branch.

Fly Brain Research Provides Insight into Diseases of the Human Brain

A groundbreaking study led by PhD in Biological Sciences, Francisca Rojo, could be key to understanding the development of brain structures and provide new…

A woman and a man are investigating in a boat in the Aysén Region.

Find Out What UC Chile Has Been Researching in Patagonia

The impact of climate change on glaciers and the effects of human activities on the Patagonian ecosystem are just some of the topics studied at the UC Chile…

A young man is watching through a microscope, while a woman is supervising him.

Open Science: The Project That Will Make Research Accessible

The initiative will facilitate access to the knowledge generated at UC Chile to the scientific community of Chile and the world.

Lake in the middle of snow-capped mountains

Three faculty urging action to protect the Chilean mountains

They want Chilean scientists to come together with communities and stakeholders to tackle the degradation of Chile's mountains.

The scale of the problem has led a group of professors and researchers of the university to launch the "UC Drought Initiative," a joint and interdisciplinary effort between representatives of five faculties and three UC centres

How to Deal with the Drought: the Fear of Water Rationing

Chile faces a significant water shortage, which could soon result in water rationing. A team of UC Chile professors and researchers decided to get together and…

Insects are a sustainable source of protein and have an excellent nutritional value for human consumption

Should we eat bugs? UC Chile researchers develop cricket food

During the pick of the pandemic, the UC Chile Nutrition and Dietetics Program tested products made with bugs to determine acceptability and feeling of…

Technology transfer and links within the industry will be the focus during the second phase of the Center for Excellence in Astrophysics and Associated Technologies. (Photo: CATA)

Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies, the future of Astronomic Science

The main objective of the Center for Excellence in Astrophysics and Associated Technologies is to make the most of the new telescopes that have been built and…

The photo shows a group of rat sensory neurons responsible for detecting painful stimuli in the organism. Image credit: Paula Díaz Céspedes.

Amazing Microscope Images taken by Two UC Chile Students Surprise Scientists

Two doctoral students from the Biological Sciences Faculty were recognised for their unique microscopic images showing a group of rat sensory neurons. Whilst…

Cover page of the political risk index for Latin America in 2022.

Latin America is facing three crises in 2022. Are we prepared to tackle them?

Latin America will face another complex year. The uncertainty, volatility, political risk, and polarization will remain high. Political Risk Latin America 2022…

Fisherman with his boat and a bucket with seafood

'Blue food revolution': great way to feed the world without destroying the planet

A group of international researchers calls to take advantage of the great diversity of ‘blue’ or aquatic foods in the coming decades. The group focuses on the…

UC Chile Atacama Station: A Role Model in the Study of Fog

Fog could be a key source of freshwater. It is why the research station is preparing a fog map and conducting studies on the composition of fog to make the…