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Strategic axis: Frontier Knowledge

Learn about cutting-edge research at UC Chile through news about new discoveries and outstanding researchers in different areas of knowledge.


President of UC Chile, Ignacio Sánchez, along with authorities of the UC Innovation Center and entrepreneurs.

With a Reflection on Leadership, UC Innovation Center Celebrated 10 Years

The UC Anacleto Angelini Innovation Center has worked with more than 500 companies and has supported almost 35 thousand entrepreneurs from 14 countries…

A young researcher places a camera trap on a moss-covered tree in the middle of the forest.

Awakening Scientific Curiosity from Atacama to Patagonia

The UC Chile Network of Research Centers and Field Stations (RCER UC, as per its Spanish acronym) enhances the interdisciplinary work of UC Chile researchers…

Image of the supercomputer installed at the UC Institute of Astrophysics.

New Supercomputer Bolsters Chile's Astronomical Observation Capabilities

Funded by the Center of Excellence in Astrophysics and Associated Technologies (CATA, as per its Spanish acronym) and installed at the UC Institute of…

Green hydrogen cylinders next to wind energy generators and solar panels.

Boosting Chile's Green Hydrogen Revolution

Key representatives from the public, private, and academic sectors, in collaboration with active participation from the UC Chile, have come together to…

Image of a galaxy in formation in yellow and orange colors with a black and bluish background.

How Were Galaxies Formed?

UC Institute of Astrophysics researchers are participating in the LAGER project, an international initiative aimed at discovering the origins of galaxies.

Researcher Juan Carlos Castilla Highlight ECIM as a Beacon for Marine Conservation

Established four decades ago in Las Cruces, UC Chile Coastal Marine Research Station (ECIM) emerged in response to the need for a dedicated hub for marine…

Image of the Conguillio National Park where you can see araucarias in the foreground, and a lake and a volcano in the background

Why is Chile uniquely beautiful, and how can we keep it that way?

The geography of Chile, a long and narrow strip of land, gives rise to diverse climates and terrains, resulting in a wide variety of ecosystems and a rich…

Two students measure an archaeological piece in the desert

Archaeology at UC Chile: Heritage, Sustainability, and Innovation

Archaeology Program has firmly established its academic project through an interdisciplinary approach encompassing research on human origins, the evolution of…

Landscape in which vegetation is seen in the foreground and crops in the background.

Leading the Way: Innovative Project Unlocks the Potential of Sustainable Fruit Farming

The aim of a collaborative effort among Brazilian, British, and Chilean researchers, including UC Chile professor Eduardo Arellano, was to advocate for…

Linked to a sensor, a quillay tree positioned on the San Joaquín Campus has its electrical signals and the surrounding earth monitored.

International Study Probes Trees as Unconventional Earthquake Predictors

The international citizen science initiative Tree Rhythms has a dual goal: to demonstrate that nature operates as a unified system of interacting…

From left to right, provost from the University of North Texas (EE.UU), Michael McPherson; the director from the International Cape Horn Center (CHIC), Ricardo Rozzi and the UC Chile President Ignacio Sánchez.

UMAG, UC Chile, and CHIC Strengthen University Partnership to Boost Magallanes as a Scientific Hub

The strategic agreement is part of the cooperation of the consortium of national and foreign higher education institutions that support the work of the Cape…

The research team interviewing a study participant about Mapuche ancestry.

Unveiling the Origins of the Mapuche: Genetics and Language Provide Clues

South America was the last corner of the continent to be populated. Who are its ancestors? How did they interact with each other? These questions have been…