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Strategic axis: Frontier Knowledge

Learn about cutting-edge research at UC Chile through news about new discoveries and outstanding researchers in different areas of knowledge.


Hands handling a flask

The crucial role of the Office of Research thriving the investigation at UC

The Office of Research at Universidad Católica is consolidated as an essential support manager for UC researchers in its first five years. And the results are…

Mother penguin with two chicks at her feet.

The Origin of Penguins in New Zealand's Warm Waters

The study led by Juliana Vianna, a faculty member from the Faculty of Agronomy and Forest Engineering at Universidad Católica, reconstructed the story told by…

Scientist looking through a microscope

New Topics Being Researched at UC

A fog map, the biodiversity in Patagonia, China and Chile relations, and the gender pay gap, are some of the topics of 33 projects of young UC researchers…

Trays with food of all colors.

The Commitment to a Healthy and Sustainable Future

Delicious and low-calorie cochayuyo ice cream, gluten-free quinoa-based high-protein pasta, and a natural coating that allows extending the life of fruits are…

Social housing of Elemental

Technology Transfers That Improve People's Quality of Life

Innovations created at Universidad Católica have been transferred to companies, public agencies, and foundations, impacting thousands of people's quality of…

River and forest at sunset.

The difficult equation posed by the pandemic

Covid-19 has exposed the fragile relationship between our health and the protection of the environment. Furthermore, the historical decrease in carbon and…

Wooden path over a landscape.

The new stage of the UC Patagonia Station

The decree signed by the Ministry of National Assets ensures the continuation of the work carried out by the UC for over a decade. The work -in one of the last…

Image: Closed screening booth with built-in yellow gauntlet gloves.

UC professors and students design a COVID-19 testing booth

The unit protects health care personnel during sample taking without the risk of exposure to the virus.


Millennium Institute of Astrophysics (MAS): Astronomy in the Big Data Era

The Millennium Institute of Astrophysics (MAS) was selected in the project contest for institutes and millennium nuclei 2012, and is jointly developed by the…

Alexis Kalergis

The Vaccine Against Covid-19 Being “Made in Chile”

The world is frantically looking for a vaccine that will prevent infections of the novel coronavirus. Among the more than 100 research teams trying to develop…

Fog-catchers in the Atacama Desert.

Atacama Desert Research Station: A Desert Full of Discoveries

In the world’s driest desert, Universidad Católica has established the country’s first research center focused on the components of this unique ecosystem: the…