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Keywords: Sustainability

Five young man, winners of the competition, are posing with a big diploma.

Climate Change: Amazing Solutions Created by UC Chile Students

Committed to helping solve the difficult environmental scenario the planet is facing, different students are ready to contribute their creativity and talent to…

A man is giving a speech on stage while a woman is looking at him waiting to talk. In the wall is a screen with the phrase "Green Guide: for students that are joining to the UC Chile".

Hi, International Students! A green-friendly UC Chile welcomes you

If you are an international student, you should know the Green Guide, a manual on how to be sustainable during your stay at UC Chile.

A man is doing research in a boat.

New Engineering Program Focuses on Natural Resources and Climate Change

The program offered by the Faculty of Agriculture & Forestry will train individuals who have in-depth knowledge of the use of natural resources and are able to…

María José de la Fuente is smiling and standing in a boat, while is holding seaweed above his head.

Huiro Regenerativo: Growing Seaweed for Sustainable Development

The startup, created by UC Chile biologist María José de la Fuente and Colab UC Chile executive director Sebastián Gatica, is revolutionizing the way…

Fisherman with his boat and a bucket with seafood

'Blue food revolution': great way to feed the world without destroying the planet

A group of international researchers calls to take advantage of the great diversity of ‘blue’ or aquatic foods in the coming decades. The group focuses on the…

Aerial view of the new CAREN center.

Turning Chile into a world food power

The new building of the Carén Center joins the Technological Center for Food Innovation network. The facility will allow UC Chile and the other university…

A photo of the Flowering Desert. The sky is blue, a few hills are on the back, and the floor is almost full of fuchsia flowers (Rock Purslane).

The Awakening of the Atacama Desert

A true flower blanket, this is what happens when the exact amount of rainfall and temperature are combined to awaken the seeds that have laid dormant for…

Students removing a fishing net from a beach

Ucéanos: 5 tons of waste have been removed from Chilean beaches thanks to this student initiative

Since 2018, the project has focused its activities on cleaning beaches and sustainable awareness. It has removed 5 tons of waste from Bucalemu, Quinter…

Power buoy installed in the ocean

Open Sea Lab: The first step to promoting the use of renewable marine energy in Chile

A buoy, anchored two kilometers from the UC Coastal Marine Research Station in Las Cruces, will drive the country's marine renewable energy industry's…

amazon deforestation

Rising deforestation puts Amazon at risk of becoming a virus hotspot

Increasing deforestation could transform this green lung of the continent into a new source of viruses that cause pandemics. This was determined by an…

a group of people working in a vegetable garden

UC Sustainability Report: Advances, Projects, and Commitments

As humankind, we are at a pivotal moment to face the various socio-environmental problems that affect us. In this scenario, Pontificia Universidad Católica de…

Mountain range with little snow

UC and its Path in Fighting Climate Change

Experts say our planet is in crisis. And some of its consequences are irreversible, but not all is lost. We have committed to being carbon neutral. What does…